Multi-dimensional tread design

The design for the tread pattern of the is a result of YOKOHAMA’s advanced simulation technology. The innovative Variable Angles Groove that optimizes tread contact with the road provides dramatically enhanced traction on cornering. YOKOHAMA’s Groove-in-Groove design has resulted in a major advance in the battle to eliminate uneven tyre wear because it allows the pattern block to effectively distribute stress loads even during tight cornering.
Advanced Micro Flexible Compound
The compound for ADVAN S.T. achieved excellent performance during high-speed driving tests. Just like the ADVAN Sport, it ensures both flexibility and strength.
Unique Size Line-up
This new High-Style tyre is the perfect fit for cars ranging from the compact class to sporty roadsters. This attractive line-up of tyres will be of particular interest to drivers who like to customize their cars. Available in this new range are High Inch narrow width tyres that are ideal for slender wheel-housings. Moreover, in tandem with the advances in car performance and as a plus for enthusiasts who like to tune their vehicles, select tyres in this new range are well-suited to speed up to the iconic Y-range (up to 300 300km/h).


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