Active Handling Control

Now, you can experience true driving pleasure with YOKOHAMA’s exclusive tread pattern design. Large sized shoulder blocks mean cornering control is light and responsive, and the highly effective center rib is great for an “on-center” feel and outstanding safety. All told, YOKOHAMA has gone to the limits to produce a tyre for lightweight sports cars and roadsters that should more than satisfy even the most demanding drivers.
Tread Design promises Better Safety in the Wet
4 straight grooves and multiple large blocks, plus a tread pattern based on a center rib, offer high rigidity and the security of maximum performance in the wet. For driver this means the coexistence of highly responsive cornering and safety born of uncompromising technology.
Sidewall Design that’ll make heads turn
Not to be overlooked by every true aficionado of on-road performance is “Style”. The A. drive R1’s aggressive tread pattern is not merely the perfect choice for those seeking “Low Profile” high performance; it has a sidewall design to match. Just one look will tell you that this is the sports car tyre of choice.


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